Welcome to Leslie Talyor Manufacturing
Welcome to Leslie Talyor Manufacturing
Welcome to Leslie Talyor Manufacturing Diazo Parts:

We are proud to supply a large inventory of quality parts for a wide variety of production and table top diazo machines.

Smooth Long Lasting Screens:

Smooth full development demands perfectly formed and perforated screens. LTM produces the highest quality skived screens on the market today. The addition of glass beads gives our extended life and stability. Our in house perforation patterns up to 26" wide in roll or sheet form. gaskets and other related products can also be made to our customer's specifications.

Developer Sleeves:

"Transport & Development" The sealing sleeve must move the media over the ammonia tank, seal in the vapour and run straight and true to create the perfect print.

Mr. Leslie Taylor developed a system of producing sealing sleeves in the early 1960's. This technique consists of using an exact tooling drum and bladder to mould the rubber and textile. The process has been proven to produce one of the softest, yet durable sleeves on the market. Manufactured to OEM specifications LTM sleeves are tried and true.

Contact Bands/Belts:

Even and positive contact is required to create the perfect print. Use of wide range of materials and joint techniques, make it possible for LTM to fulfil any belt requirement. Elastic, neoprene rubber, polyester or cotton web belts are joined with clips, stitched, butt vulcanized, endless or sonically welded, any length or width available.

The finished belts are meticulously inspected and matched into sets using the most exacting measurement system used in the industry today.

We take pride in providing a perfectly matched set for any of your belt requirements.

Reprographic Lamps & Glass Cylinders:

Crystal clear glass cylinders, combined with precisely manufactured mercury vapour or fluorescent lamps, image UV sensitive media with precision and speed. LTM supplies unexcelled white-print-blueprint lamps and cylinders for the reprographic industry. Matching the transformer's electrical output with the special quartz tubing and additive gases creates superior lamps for any application.

We also supply a wide variety of mercury and metal halide lamps for platemaking and micrographic industries. Super high pressure mercury capillary lamps for exposure systems including printed circuit board exposure and other photochemical applications are also available. All lamps are manufactured by the top speciality lamp manufacturers in the market today. Call us for all your printing lamp requirements.

The Puzzle Fits Together:

All the pieces of the puzzle come together with one call to LTM's knowledgeable staff. They can assist you with our full range of products and any special parts needs. Our superior quality, coupled with our years of experience in the industry allows us to be among the best parts suppliers in the World. Our parts are used by numerous OEM's on an international basis and we proudly ship to over thirty countries both for spare parts and original equipment manufacturing. LTM works to very exact specifications, whether the order be for one piece or one thousand. Each and every order is backed by our ongoing commitment to quality and service.

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