Welcome to Leslie Talyor Manufacturing
Welcome to Leslie Talyor Manufacturing
Welcome to Leslie Talyor Manufacturing Welcome to Leslie Talyor ManufacturingMotion Displays:
Backlit Indoor and Outdoor Displays

"We put the motion in your promotion."

  • Backlit
  • Up to 15 Images
  • Time Controlled Intervals

  • Images are printed on continuous roll, backlit media. The viewing time can be set for intervals between 3 and 30 seconds. At the end of the sequence, the images may be viewed in reverse order or rewound to frame one. Available in portrait or landscape version.

    Mounting: Motion Displays are supplied ready for wall mounting. Optional ceiling mount or floor stand complete with casters are available.

    Control Groups of Images: Advertising messages can be grouped to specific themes and controlled electronically. The built in timer activates the presentation of such themes at specific times of the day or to correspond with marketing promotions.

    Extremely Quiet Operation.
    Available in five standard colours.

    Model Image Area
    A2 18" x 24"
    A1 24" x 36"
    A0 36" x 48"
    A1 Landscape 36" x 24"
    A0 Landscape 48" x 36"
    City Light 48" x 72"

    Outdoor Displays (Portrait & Landscape):

    Particularly well suited for effective advertising in many outdoor areas such as shopping centres, in front of super markets, in various car park locations, sports stadiums, gas stations...

    All functions of these outdoor displays are weatherproof. When the outside temperature drops below 5°C, the heater turns on automatically.

    The outdoor motion displays may also be used indoors.

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